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As a music director, pianist, arranger, conductor, and vocal coach, Adam (they/he) brings a collaborative spirit and dramaturgical ear to the room. From combining their systematic classical training and working in popular music settings, they are comfortable in myriad genres and specialize in contemporary popular/vernacular music.

Adam's experience in developing new work has led them to work with other creators such as Jason HowlandAnna K. Jacobs, Rob Rokicki, Tidtaya Sinutoke, Ty Defoe, Durra Leung, and more. Their work as a composer helps them to handle other composers' work with care and realize their scores to their fullest potential.

Adam's invested interest in identity, gender, and sexuality studies is important to their approach to vocal direction and creating a safe space in the rehearsal room for BIPOC, LGBTQIAA+, Disabled, and other marginalized folks. Their current research is focused on reconcieving how singing voices are gendered in music theatre with a particular interest in the inclusion of Trans and Non-Binary/GNC performers.

Below you can find a complete list of Adam's credits as a music director, pianist, conductor, and music assistant, as well as, content from a few of their favorite projects.

select credits

Durra Leung's Lullabies for Motherfuckers, Vol. 1

October 22, 2021

The Tank
New York, NY

Funded by New York City Artist Corps

Created by Durra Leung

Directed by Jason Aguirre

Music Directed by Adam J. Rineer

Stage Managed by Sydney Prince

Lighting Design by Emmanuel Delgado

Marketing by John Parkinson


Durra Leung — Durra​

Esteban Suero — Man 1

Ellis Gage — Man 2

Joy Lynn Pringle — Woman


Adam J. Rineer — Piano/Music Director​




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Golem Owned A Tropical Smoothie

November 11, 2018

The Kraine Theatre
New York, NY

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Ethan Crystal & Garrett Poladian


Luke Hoback — Ian

Ethan Crystal — Kyle

Lea Nardi — Gabby

Aneesa Folds — Green Dragon

Kramer Lindsley & Garrett Poladian — Golem

Faydean Kielty — Ensemble

Holly Fuller — Ensemble

Malik Ali — Ensemble

Ryan Thurman — Ensemble


Adam J. Rineer — Piano/Music Director

Ian Anderson — Guitar​

For the Record: The Brat Pack

November 29, 2017-June 9, 2018

For The Record
The Escape, Norwegian Cruise Lines

Direction by Anderson Davis

Choreography by Sumie Maeda

Music Supervision by Jesse Vargas

Costumed by Steve Mazurek

Sound Design by Ben Soldate


Ethan Crystal (Golem Owned...Smoothie) — The Rebel

Faydean Kielty — The Basketcase

Claire Blackwelder (Power Rangers Dino Charge)— The Princess

Garrett Poladian (Golem Owned...Smoothie) — The Jock

Jotape "J.P." Lockwood — The Geek

Steven Scarpetti — Mister

Michael Walker — Swing/US The Rebel, Mister

Luke Hoback — Swing/US The Jock, The Geek

Lea Nardi — Swing/US The Princess, The Basketcase/Show Captain


Adam J. Rineer — Keyboard 1/Music Director

Patrick Storer — Keyboard 2

Alejandro Hurtado — Guitar

Sean Sobash — Bass

Angel Alonso — Drums

Brannen Lee Pfister — Sax


March 3-18, 2017

Prima Theatre
The Trust Performing Arts Center
Lancaster, PA

Direction by Vanessa Hofer

Choreography by Kristin Pontz

Music Direction by Adam J. Rineer


Mitch Nugent — Jon

Jessica Dey — Susan

Randy Jeter — Michael


Adam J. Rineer — Piano/Music Director

Harry Betz — Bass

Steve Katona — Drums

"...Adam Rineer played the score with true passion, and filled the theatre with electrifying sounds." - Josh Rittberg, The Snapper

Adam J. Rineer in Concert

May 6, 2017

The Trust Performing Arts Center

Lancaster, PA

Adam J. Rineer — Piano/Vocals/Music Direction

Brenna Diehl — vocals

Cecilia Cooper — vocals

Tabitha Rudy — vocals

Zander Gawn — guitar

Jackie/Lyncs (recording artist) — bass

Steve Katona — drums


Defying Gravity With Stephen Schwartz

May 22, 2016

Willow Valley Communities Cultural Center Theater

Prima Theatre
Lancaster, PA
featuring Stephen Schwartz

Direction by Mitch Nugent

Music Direction by Andy Roberts


Natalie Young

Jen Hope

David Felty

Julie Marie Hart

Denver Taylor

Wes Wise

Jay Poff

Nathan Goodrich


Andy Roberts — Piano/Keyboard 1/Co-Arranger/Music Director

Adam J. Rineer — Music Coordinator/Co-Arranger/Associate Music Director/Keyboard 2

Chris Keeney — Guitar

Dave Lazorcik — Drums

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