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The BitchFest: LIVE

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Adam J. Rineer

Book and Lyrics by Rachel Graf Evans

originally commissioned by Prima Theatre (Lancaster, PA, USA)

Run Time: 75 minutes

Cast of 5

Orchestration (4):


Guitar (solid-body electric, acoustic)

Bass (upright, 5-string electric)

Drums/Percussion (crash cym., ride cym., 2 toms, floor tom, snare, kick drum,



The Bitch Fest: LIVE is a “televised” cosmic dog show featuring five of the most incredible dogs of all time. Unbeknownst to the judges who focus on the anatomical features of these dogs, we hear their untold stories and contributions to society. When the dog show takes commercial breaks, we hear other untold stories from folks of marginalized genders. The winning prize goes to a surprise contestant, once again leaving the dogs/women to wonder if they’ll ever get the credit they deserve.


  • UPCOMING: Production, 2022, Prima Theatre (Lancaster, PA)

  • UPCOMING: 29-hour reading, 2022, Theatre Now New York (NYC)​

  • Developed in part in the Theatre Now New York Musical Writers Lab, NYC

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Prima Theatre
March 1, 2022
Lacaster, PA
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