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A Trip to the Moon

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Adam J. Rineer

Run Time: 90 minutes

Cast of 12+

Orchestration (7):

Keyboard 1/Conductor



Guitar 1 (electric, acoustic)

Guitar 2/Keyboard2 (electric)

Bass (upright, 5-string fretted electric, 5-string fretless electric)

Drums/Percussion (crash cym., ride cym., spiral trash cym., hi-hat, 2 toms, 2 floor toms,

snare, kick drum, triangle/miller machine, anvil, brake drum, glockenspiel, vibraphone)

Do we all have a place in the universe? If so, where is it? And what happens when the lives of a queer Victorian-era astronomer, a Lunar Goddess, and a skeptical young alien collide during one pivotal journey to the moon? Through an eclectic score that combines punk, prog rock, and 19th-century operetta, this piece—loosely inspired by George Méliès's film—explores man's desire to conquer, the fascination with space, and the breaking binaries.


  • 2022 - Semi-Finalist, Next Stage Residency, Drama League, NYC

  • 2021 - Semi-Finalist, Polyphone Festival, University of the Arts, PHL

  • 2020 - Excerpt Presentation, MusiCoLab, PHL

  • 2020 - Concert Reading, The Maas Building, PHL

  • 2020 - Recipient, Vice Provost Arts Grant, Temple University, PHL

  • 2019 - Staged Reading, Temple University, PHL

  • 2019 - Table Reading, Simple Studios, NYC

  • 2019 - Workshop, Temple University, PHL

  • Developed in part at the George and Joy Abbott Center for Musical Theater at Temple University, PHL

  • Developed in the UNTITLED Musical Writers Group

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